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Since we have received so many requests for info about downloading music, watching videos and finding lyrics for songs, we present the info below.

There are several legal music download options available today.

Itunes - great selection, great for the ipod, not so great if you want to use the songs on a different mp3 player or move them to another computer.

Musicmatch / Yahoo music - great selection, and excellent implementation of searching through musicmatch jukebox. The files you pay for are copy protected, and will appear be copied onto your portable mp3 player, but will now play. Thier license says you can use it on 5 other computers, but I found is quite idfficult to do just that.

A lot of folks have been asking us about song lyrics as well - I always go here - get to find lyrics (they have a LOT of pop up windows, but itís free). I also recommend looking into winamp to play your mp3s, there are two free lyrics plug in components that will find the lyrics to [almost] any song youíre playing and download them to your computer for you - itís neat!

You can find a ton of music lyric databases in the google lyrics directory.

And there is an intersting attempt going on at - they are working on a free internet database of mp3 id3 tags and song identifiers that will ID a song from itís digital fingerprint. Check it out.

For the folks looking for music videos - there is a great free streaming service at they have a lot of new videos, and the quality is great.

Unfortunately a lot of music videos are not available on launch, and the only place Iíve been able to find them are DJ industry only places or file sharing services such as WinMX or limewire. Many people have told me they have luck using torrents such as bit tornado and the like. If you know of any legal place that has music videos for download please let me know and Iíll add it here.

DJ Steve

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