Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us at  Service@DynamiteDJs.com or call us between 3:00pm - 11:pm at 615 - 430 - 5324.


  1. What does quality and professional mean to you?
  2. How much power do you have, how much will I need?
  3. What’s the price?
  4. How much do I pay the performer in a gratuity?

For tips on looking for a professional DJ please see ProDJ.com’s helpful articles.

What does quality and professional mean to you?

Dynamite DJ’s started out as an ALL CD digital service, we now also use High quality MP3s (160kbs - 192kbs) as well. We have paid for the rights, (bought original CDs), and have maintained the highest level of quality sound possible.

We use QSC amplifiers, MTX and EV pro lines of speakers, Gemini and Rane Mixing boards, Sure microphones... top of the line professional equipment.

Professional to us is playing the music our clients want to hear, and maintaining the proper demeanor for the event. Our DJs wear suits or tuxedos at formal events. We play radio versions of all songs unless otherwise requested, and DJs should not consume alcoholic beverages while on the job.

How much power do you have, how much will I need?

Our basic system comes with a 1000 watt QSC powerlite amp, and a set of profesional EV full range speakers,which will put out 250 watts per channel stereo (handles most events with up to 100 people). We add a pair of full range MTX 15” 2 way speakers for full sound at large events, and can scale our systems according to your needs.

In an older issue of “DJ Times” magazine, it was suggested that you have 3 watts per person, so an event with 100 people would require 300 watts (stereo, per channel), however from our experince it really depends on the size of the room, the type of music and event, and how many people will be dancing at a time. A wedding with 100 people rarely has all guests dancing at once, and 300 watts could be overkill in a small hall. However a one hundred person high school dance in a gymnasium will require much more power.

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What’s the price?

A list of sample prices can be found by clicking here

How much do I pay the performer in a gratuity?

If you wish to give a gratuity for a job well done, you may give as much as you want. We've received different amounts from $20 to $200. Our professional DJ’s tell us that gratuities average around $50.


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