Read the latest announcements about Dynamite DJs.

July 2000; Steve Bryant graduates “Lyndie White Wenner’s Professional Voice Over” class.

August 2001; New state-of-the-art MP3 mixing incorporated into our show.

August 2001; Recently completed Dynamite DJs intensive training; and now available; local comedian and DJ; Danny Limor.

April 2002; By popular demand we’ve added a country section to our music library - look for new and updated releases coming soon!
Also in April ‘02 we’ve added more lighting options - including club style light effects!

July 2002; Dynamite DJ School - Classes for basic, mobile and club DJing. M.C. (Master of Ceremonies) classes for weddings, and contests.

November 2002; Wedding ceremony music played live by professional musician
Gary Pailer now available. Gary is a longtime musicain and the newest Dynamite DJ!.

January 2003; A few pictures added to the site of the DJs -
click here to see us!

November 2006; new songlist updates posted.


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