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Dynamite DJs has been providing quality entertainment in Tennessee since our founding in 1994. It is our mission to provide each event with a custom musical atmosphere. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to customize each event’s music to our client’s individual needs. 

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Company Founder

Steve Bryant has served as the owner of Dynamite DJs since 1994. Steve started as a mobile DJ when he was 14, and has provided musical entertainment at wedding receptions, corporate events, high school dances, nightclubs and radio stations for over 14 years.


  • Dynamite DJs was Nashville’s first all digital mobile Disc Jockey service.
  • Dynamite DJs has provided custom musical programing for all types of events.
  • Dynamite DJs uses top of the line professional equipment.
  • Dynamite DJs provides hand picked, specially trained, experienced DJs.

Dynamite DJs strives to provide the most professional, top notch DJ service with the appropriate demeaner and equipment for your event. Click here for information on the packages available for weddings, parties, business events, mitzvahs, and school dances.
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Short Bio for Steve Bryant, owner of Dynamite DJs:

I began professional mobile DJing in Northern Virginia; working for Sound Graphics DJs while still in high school. Trained to DJ by my mom, Noreen, who I blame for my addiction to music, and the exorbitant amounts of time, money and storage both at home and in my head, that music has taken in my life. Of course, she probably got that from my grandparents, who were professional musicians and dancers. In 1992, I relocated to Nashville and began club DJing soon after, I also continued to do weddings and parties with ‘DJs to Go’ - a mobile service in Nashville.

In 1994, while reading “Mobile Beat,” and the “DJ Times” magazines, I realized I could make my dreams come true; since I was 14, I had dreamed of operating an all digital DJ service. My dreams came true when I was able to purchase a legal set of  the platinum series CDs from ETV / Promo Only, and able to start the first All CD, All DIGITAL, mobile music service in Nashville; Dynamite DJs.

I continue to stay on top of the latest music, issues, news, and technologies of the music and DJ businesses with subscriptions to “Mobile Beat,” “DJ times,” “Promo Only,” and the incredible explosion of networking on the internet. I have attended several DJ conventions, dozens of DJ seminars and several dance classes.

I continue to DJ full-time, as I have been for the past 13 years, paying all my bills by spinning CDs, and now MP3s. I am grateful to everyone who has helped me maintain this excellent career. I get calls from party planners, radio staions, other DJ services and clubs when they need someone to show up on time, and get the job done right. I am fortunate to have this wonderful opportunity to bring good music to so many people.

I will soon have a professional voice over demo available, and look forward to doing on air commercials, audio books, and other voice talent work. I am also considering an official Dynamite DJs school - as I have trained so many DJs for other companies and clubs, and had several requests for classes over the years.

I have been experimenting with digital audio and video editing, practicing voice overs, and soon will post examples on the web. New, original music may be on the horizon, as well!

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