Weddings; possibly the most stressful and important day of our lives.

A professional wedding DJ can help out a lot on and before this big day.
During the wedding we coordinate things with photographers, caterers, and videographers. We help everyone stay in sync by announcing the upcoming events so pictures can be taken and the day runs smoothly. We can also help create the atmosphere you’ve dreamed of, with the right music at the right times - we set the mood you want.

During our music consultation, we listen to your ideas on the style(s) you envision for your day; we can make suggestions, and love to take requests. We also use a reception planner to coordinate timing of events. Making sure photographers have film, and are ready, standing by with the right music ready to play, and announcing the events for you.The type of background music you want, the attire, the style and flow of events and music make a big difference. While we can make suggestions during our consultation, our goal is to help create the vision you have of your day.

You can choose songs from one of our playlists, or just make a few requests and suggest a theme or mood for the day/evening. We have some popular wedding music listed in our music section. Soon our Wedding Planner will be available online along with more top wedding and dance songs. It can be mailed to you now. Just email us!

Our basic 4 hour wedding services start at $795!

We can also provide ceremony music with a mini CD sound system or enjoy the live talents of Gary Pailer. Longtime musician and Dynamite DJ; Gary Pailer is available to play live during your wedding ceremony! Click here for wedding ceremony music options we have available.

We have done formal, classic weddings; with romantic, soothing music and a DJ that nobody notices. (Its a funny thing DJing, sometimes when you do things perfectly nobody notices - but sudden dead air - even for 2 seconds - and everyone notices). We have done many wild weddings as well; a recent one in Murfreesboro with flashing lights and the bridal party announced like a football team lineup, people cheering and taking pictures. Whatever your vision, Dynamite DJs help bring it to life!

$795 DJ / MC Receptions Service: Custom music program, top of the line professional equipment, and DJ/MC for up to four hours. $200/ hour additional hours if contracted in advance. Master of Ceremony (MC) services provide interactive entertainment, including: professional voiceovers and announcements, event coordination and reception planning assistance if requested.

$100 and up Wedding Ceremony Music Packages: Music to be played at the ceremony either with our small sound system, main sound system or live acoustical guitar for Wedding Ceremony Music details click here.

$1995 Light and Sound package: For the ultimate party turn the dance floor into a dazzling light show! We have a full lighting truss; full of special effects lights, and we have the experience of running spectacular light shows that will bring your dance floor to life and your guests enjoying state of the art entertainment - have your own private nightclub; with Dynamite DJs light and sound system!
Price based on five hours of entertainment; additional hours @ $300 per hour.

Availability is limited contact us now to reserve your date!

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